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* Coronavirus Update: Please note that all public masses have been suspended until further notice *Links to the Motherwell Diocease website can be found on the Useful Links Page*       *Links to the Marsal Project website can be found on the Useful Links Page*
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Welcome to the Parish Website of St. Patrick’s Church in Strathaven.

In these uncertain times it is important that we pray and maintain our faith. Please consider saying a decade of the rosary at 9am or 6pm at home or wherever you find yourself. If we do so the rosary will be said in unison.

It is important that we keep in touch spiritually with our faith by saying prayers at home or during quiet times. You could also read a chapter from the bible. It is important that we do not forget others especially those who are vulnerable. Consider giving them a phone call to check that they are well or see if they need anything such as shopping.

Please do not forget to donate to SCIAF and remember that the UK government doubles our collection. Your SCIAF wee box can be handed in later on in the year or pay online at or by telephone on 0141 354 5555.

Do not forget our own parish upkeep. We still need to pay our bills. Keep the money that you would normally pay weekly and hand it in later on in the year.

Can we please start the above from Monday 23rd March 2020. God Bless and keep well..

52 Stonehouse Road     Strathaven     ML10 6LF  
Tel:  01357 520104